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Posted: 02/24/10 at 06:01 AM  RSS
Stills for Combat Zone/What I'm looking like these days
Here's some stills from my scene with Shorty Mac for Combat Zone. Later this week I'll be doing a scene with Ethan Hawk for Diabolic, so that's pretty exciting! Lots of life stuff has been happening that's super exciting. I started school, but am taking an incredibly light load, and if my school will give me credits, I will be interning for Joanna Angel. I'm taking piano and a class on writing memoirs. Some other random stuff: I'm signing my very first lease today. I've never lived by myself before, and I fell in love with these little studios in Korea Town. I'm elated! I got fired two days after getting accepted for  my first apartment which was pretty shitty for a night. But I bounced back and the next day had an audition to dance at Xposed in Canoga Park and also an audition for a gig go-go dancing at Bar Sinister. I NAILED both auditions. I made some money at Xposed and then headed over to my audition go-go dancing. I'd never really done this before, just stripping. But before you know it, drinks were lining up on my box, and I was being tipped $$$. It was a lot of fun. I've also been dating this rad guy who is the Director of Programming & Acquisitions for Hustler TV. He's kind of amazing and I'm pretty smitten with him. Also going on, I don't know... LA is starting to feel like a home. I'm making a great effort to put myself out there for new friendships and also re-kindling and putting time into old ones, especially reconnecting with family I haven't seen in years. I'm doing really well, I haven't been doing this well in years to be honest. I'm happy and life is going good in all aspects - myself, my relationships, my family, and my finances. Finally my good karma is kicking in, and good thing it kicked in when it did, because I was on the verge of going literally insane. Anyway, here's the pics & hope everyone is doing well.
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