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Country: United States
Member Since: March 11, 2009
Number of Posts: 1252
Gender: F
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Sexual Preference: Boys & Girls
About Me: getting tattooed is like therapy for me.
MUSIC<3: recently;
have heart, cold war kids, kids like us, casey jones, deathcab for cutie, mewithoutyou,set your goals, iwrestledabearonce, kings of leon, tegan and sara, minus the bear, wolf parade, circa survive, ambush!,stray from the path.
FILMS<3: drama-wristcutters, girl interrupt, chumscrubbers, juno.
action-watchmen, fight club, taken
horror-high tension, girl next door, strangers.
thriller-funny games, hard candy.
comedy-hot rod, forgetting sara marshall, wedding crashers.
BOOKS<3: choke.
MAKES ME HAPPY<3: hoody weather,going to the beach, sneakers fresh out the box, playing and making music,dying and cutting hair, new tattoos, getting pierced, train rides, traveling, late night diners,clean socks anddd playing video games
GRRRRR<3: ignorance, when people talk on the phone too loud, acne, the same question just in different forms, procrastination, being late, not being able to sleep, and cigarette smoke.
MY DAYS OFF<3: painting, and drawing, lounging in my pajamas with my dog oliver sykes, an dd on the internet.
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