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About Me: Im origionally from Scotland.but yes I
still have my kick ass accent.
Im the ultimate computer geek, hence the name
I eat sleep breath and fuck around computers.
Im a Computer Technician by day, a Computer
Science student by night, and a gamer in-between.
The 80's were the best years.
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In the Bedroom...: I love a mixture of rough and tender loving.
I love having my back and neck kissed and
rubbed, but I also love getting and giving a
real good bite.
Sex isnt good sex unless someones walking away
with some bruises.
Body Alterations: Piercings: Labret, Tongue, Septum, Ears, and
Tattoos:9 With No.7 & 8 being works in progress,
so help me make some money to get it finished.
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Kansas Friends Please support this awesome cause.

Million Fag March

We're proud to announce a very special guest to this year's MFM: Nate Phelps!

Mr. Phelps is the estranged son of Fred Phelps and an ex-member of the WBC. He left both the church and his family behind at age 18 and now actively speaks out about the abuse he and his siblings suffered in the church. He is currently writing a book about growing up as part of the Phelps family.

It is an honor to have Nate come and speak to us at the March. You can learn more about Nate at his website:

We hope all of you will join us and invite your friends!


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