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Body Alterations: I have two half sleeves which is pieced together from pin up toons cartoon skulls, bondage bears and halfies.
Also have nine periceings
Favorite Bands: american head charge panic cell static x rammstein razed in black
will add more later :P
Favorite Movies: May, tank girl, tank police, akira , ghost in the shell , robots , finding nemo, with out a paddle , harold and kumar go to white castle, harry potter , itchy the killer , the ring
Favorite Books/Authors: The wicked cant remember who wrote it but very good
Likes: will tell yeah later
Pet Peeves: bad parking and people who dont indercate
Pays The Bills: I guess i do wish i didnt
Posted: 02/23/10 at 01:41 PM  RSS
bad luck comes in threes
the term bad news comes in threes is so very true.......

I had such a awesome weekend my friend tom invited me to a black tie ball which was great but on the sunday half way though a 3 hour journey back home my car broke down. The clutch had gone and there was nothing i could do to get it going, so I had to pay £200 to get the car and myself back home safely. So that two bad news one the car is fuck and two had to spend all my free money to get home, now the third thing was just adding insult to injure my poor little cow started choking on sunday and when I went over to see her and help her out she was coughing and spitting out loads of blood. This was just so heart breaking to see I was powerless to help her and she was died within 5 mins

So yeah bad luck comes in threes
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