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Country: United States
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Gender: F
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Sexual Preference: Boys & Girls
About Me: Me... Im a Professional Dominatrix and Fetish Model. I travel the US on a regular basis shooting, doing sessions, and attempting to love life... and my career. I work very hard and am proud of what I accomplish. Everyone tends to view modeling and travel as a grand, easy, adventure... But, I can contest and promise you that it is CERTAINLY not all cookies and cream. I get to meet and work with a ton of amazing people, but my time is always short and its exhausting. I do love what I do... but aspire to work less one day.

Im a free fucking spirit and I love everything about it.
Im a freak for animals and feel sympathy for them long before I can humans. I generally dont like people. Not to say I have a bad attitude, I have just found that its unintelligent to give much benefit of the doubt to what we can only be considered as either A) Ants... or B) Earth Cancer... we are quite a combination of both...
And, Bestiality... no, sorry, I dont fuck my dogs... (Yes, Ive been asked... I may love Fetish, but that is totally fucked up!)

Did I say Im a little brutally honest and forward?
Body Mods: Tattoo:
Right Wrist: Flowers and vines
Chest: Bright Star Burst.
Abdomen: Ank
Shoulders/Back: Pixie, Dragons with Chinese Lettering
Lower Back: Everybodys favorite first tattoo and tramp stamp :D! Yeay me :P
Wave and Flowers on left Butt Cheek
Circular Flames on Left Cheek
Personalized MY dogs specific print on left hip
"I know we cant all stay here forever, so Ill write my words on the face of today, and then Ill paint it" on right hip
Right Rib Cage and side Panel flowers and water
Left Sleeve: flowers, water swirls, broken hour glass, Buddhist ruins with chakra wheel, and cherry blossom tree.

2- Tongue piercings
2- Belly button (1 - retired)
1- Labret (for the 3rd time) - (Retired)
1- Vertical Labret AKA Pixie - Mid Lip :D
1- Industrial Right Ear
1- Conch Right Ear
3- Surface Anchors: Left Wrist (rejected), 2 in chest (rejected)
1- Septum (retired)
1- Helix Left Ear (Retired)]
5- surface tygon in right arm (Retired)
Ears gauged to 5/8ths
second hole to 7/16ths but goes to 1/2''
Multiple other regular ear piercings
Favorite Bands: Im a bit of a grundge, hardcore, hippie? If you can imagine. Tool, Blind Melon, A Perfect Circle, OLD Slipknot, Fiona Apple... Cherry Poppin' Daddies, Im all over the place. I fucking love music.
I think. Yes, I absolutely DO: I have broad views and an open mind.
I believe...
Energy cannot be created or destroyed
your passing is only of this body, your energy finds its place
each lifetime is only to take you a step closer to full true enlightenment

Do I think that your beliefs are wrong if they arent my own? No... what fits for you is exactly that, for you... I dont judge you for what you believe or have faith in... I base my opinions off of how you treat yourself and others. Good people are obvious... its the sneaky fuckers you have to watch out for.
Buy My Love.. Oh Yes, You CAN!: BUY ME SOMETHING!! NOW!! :P

My Wish List

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Go to my site BAUNDAGE.COM check me out and donate, buy from wishlists, I even have a fetish store!!

Interested In: Photography
Getting paid to beat mens asses :D (
Creative Tattoos
Fire Breathing
X Games
BonFires :D (Who would have guessed?)
Belly dancing (Graveyard Sally totally has me sold!!)
Pet Peeves: I have no patience for:
beating around the bush
wasting my time
Inability to self motivate
Thinking the world owes you something
EXPECTING forgiveness without reason
Unorganization (I know its not a word... but, I dont think I have to explain)
No Kids - Pets Only,Thank You!: Neechoe - 5 year old Shepard/Chow
Summer - 3 Year old Jack Russel/Min Pin
Betsy - 10-12 yr old Rescue Chihuahua (epilepsy and thyroid problems)

Osiris- 3 year old cat who is brother to Isis, they were from the same litter, but both as different as they could get. I fucking LOVE my children... and Ill kick your ass if you have a problem with that. :D!

I treat these guys like Platinum. And, they do the same to me. This is my posse.

2 - Fire Belly Toads
7 - Female Bettas
2 - Male Bettas
Posted: 03/03/10 at 11:33 AM  RSS
Ladies and Gents... Check this shit out!  I just confirmed the LARGEST suite in the hotel... Thats RIGHT!  The biggest suite in the hotel, 2 Bedrooms, 2 livingrooms a FULL wet bar.... And, ITS ALL MINE!

Well, not JUST mine... So far, I have confirmed AND to go... (... we are workin on you, too!!  WE HAVE TO HAVES YOU!!)

Whose in!?  I have ONE more spot available (Cause I am HOPING and can confirm soon!)

Seriously... its going to be amazing... August 5th - 9th ... Its going to be pure debauchery!

Hit me up soon for the details and to confirm you wanna be apart of the most awesome fetish event of the year!!
(Models, you can register for the event for TWENTY BUCKS! limited time only but that is for the WHOLE EVENT! And, get great exposure and make some money shooting while your there!)


Cedartown, GA
58 / M - Single
Posted: 03/03/10 at 11:46 AM 
Live web cam?
samguss  -  Staff Photographer
San Francisco, CA
34 / F - Attached
Posted: 03/03/10 at 12:37 PM 
contact on FB, I think she goes to fetishcon sometimes. maybe too
JaneJett  -  Model
Beverly Hills, CA
F - Other
Posted: 03/03/10 at 12:41 PM 
 Bring on the mayhem ... 
AppleJax  -  Model
Regina, SK
F - Other
Posted: 03/03/10 at 05:23 PM 
It is so very very tempting to try and work this out on my end...
Baunfire  -  Model
Orange Park, FL
F - Single
Posted: 03/04/10 at 03:10 AM 
oh pleaeaeaeaese!!!!!!!!!
AppleJax  -  Model
Regina, SK
F - Other
Posted: 03/07/10 at 07:47 PM 
Trying to work things out.  Will see.
bilito  -  Photographer
Houston, TX
M - Married
Posted: 03/03/10 at 06:25 PM 
Woo hoo!  A suite with 4 sexy ladies?  What have I done to deserve this.  Happy bday to me.
TrailerDarling  -  Model
Dorothy, NJ
38 / F - Single
Posted: 03/04/10 at 02:34 AM 
I want in!!! but I don't know if I'll have the monies after I leave here
Sadie  -  Model
Tucson, AZ
F - Single
Posted: 03/04/10 at 06:56 AM 
i fuck...damnit all to hell i wanna go....
Ruby  -  Model
Fairfield, NJ
37 / F - Other
Posted: 03/04/10 at 09:12 AM 
DUDE!!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fedora  -  Model
Seattle, WA
38 / F - Single
Posted: 03/05/10 at 04:02 PM 
how much to me nightly if I want to go?
Chatsworth, CA
59 / F - Single
Posted: 03/09/10 at 06:30 PM 


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