Name: Axia
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Country: United States
Member Since: June 4, 2009
Number of Posts: 95
Age/Gender: 33 / F
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Sexual Preference: Boys & Girls
About Me: i am 20 years old, 4'11" , very tiny. ^.^ i am a very open minded, open hearted chick. i think like a man most of the time, ive been called adorable, sweet, and i beleive i am one of the most genuine people youll meet.
i have my own morals and values, but i am no prude as you can see

have any more questions? send me a message!
Body Alterations: snakebites

four tattoos, a david star on my back, a chai symbol behind my ear, an unfinished phoenix on my right side, and a flaming orchid on my left thigh. more to come soon
Muzak?: i listen to everything except country. im currently in love with cage.

ive always loved blink 182, incubus, queen, the beatles, thrice, and more...when i think of them
Places I've Been: all over the united states, except for alaska, hawaii, maine, vermont, connecticut, and massachusetts... (spl?)

i want to go overseas eventually. to italy first ^.^
Favorite Books/Authors: anne rice's erotic trilogy of sleeping beauty (read them. worship them.)

and all of scott westerfield's books.
Heritage: people always ask me, what ethnicity are you? well... im a mutt. heres my full heritage:

italian, cherokee indian, chechoslovakian, russian, scotts-irish, lithuanian, jewish, polish... im sure there are more
Pets: i love animals. i have a shitload of them. 7 cats, and 6 dogs. bella, one of the cats, is my baby. shes a pixiebob, so she has no tail, and shes just like a dog. she plays fetch and follows me around everywhere.
Talents: i can sing, draw, take amazing pictures, (of nature, ect) and act.
Posted: 11/27/09 at 04:10 PM  RSS
ive decided im a lesbian with a dick fetish.
i cant stand men anymore. as far as relationships go. every single time its the same damn thing. they 'open up to me' using a either fake personality, or their real one and then become assholes later bc theyre scared ill use it against them.

ever single one of them wants me to mother them, and wont self evaluate. theyre so beyond childish. and every chick ive dated .... it was a whole different level of love. it was some real shit.

now im not saying chicks cant be assholes too, i dated one chick who screwed me over worse than any guy ive been with. but, the right lady, i think, will make my life so much better. but for now, ill remain single.

i cant stray far from the cock though.... so ill have to find either a damn good thing, or a fuck buddy. this is why i am a lesbian with a dick fetish. i love the ladies, (romantically,) but i love the men... sexually. ahhhh being truly bisexual is tough shit ladies and gentlemen....
Mood: moody
Music: misery signals-nothing

Tallmadge, OH
56 / M - Other
Posted: 11/27/09 at 05:56 PM 
Awww.... very sad for the male of the species...
rpg  -  Photographer
Regina, SK
M - Other
Posted: 11/27/09 at 08:33 PM 
very sad commentary on the male species.  either that, or your'e meeting the wrong kind of men. 
richb  -  Photographer
Portland, OR
57 / M - Single
Posted: 11/29/09 at 12:22 PM 
A lot of men really do suck. If I was a chick I'd be a lesbian, no doubt

p.s. I have a dick...
Ruby  -  Model
Fairfield, NJ
37 / F - Other
Posted: 12/02/09 at 07:03 AM 
i'll beat 'em up for ya!! bwahahaha
Axia  -  Model
Chestertown, MD
33 / F - Other
Posted: 12/02/09 at 08:46 AM 
i wish u could love
Fort Lauderdale, FL
37 / F - Married
Posted: 12/02/09 at 07:52 PM 
I'm married to a guy and I know what you mean. I love women so much. They are so cute and romantic and they understand stuff. But I was also, a lesbian with a dick fetish. But he lets me go to stripclubs and do what I want.
LunaDelFuego  -  Model
Santa Cruz, CA
36 / F - Attached
Posted: 01/02/10 at 12:08 PM 
 You just need realistic strap-ons. 

Problem solved. 
Axia  -  Model
Chestertown, MD
33 / F - Other
Posted: 01/02/10 at 08:03 PM 
yea, find me a chick who can thrust like a man, and THENN ill be set. haha
HannahRose  -  Model
Concord, MA
34 / F - Single
Posted: 01/18/10 at 11:49 PM 
Hello, me.
Axia  -  Model
Chestertown, MD
33 / F - Other
Posted: 01/19/10 at 10:24 PM 
awwwww yea giggity giggity
Matthew_Terhune  -  Staff Photographer
Henderson, NV
M - Other
Posted: 02/08/10 at 10:56 PM 
chicks with dicks
Axia  -  Model
Chestertown, MD
33 / F - Other
Posted: 02/10/10 at 06:42 PM 
if i can find a decent one in delaware....


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