Name:Arienette[ Homepage ]
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Country: United States
Member Since: June 17, 2008
Number of Posts: 517
Age/Gender: 33 / F
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Sexual Preference: Boys
About Me: i'm an esthetician and a part-time model.
i'm super kewlllll. yeaaah.
Body Alterations: Ink:

1. "cancer of the soul" by derek hess on my back.
2&3. tattered and torn breast cancer ribbons on each side of my ribs.
4. rocko and spunky on my wrist.
5. african tribal giraffe on the back of my neck.
6. the state of new jersey on my hipbone.
7. "pedestal" by amy brown on my inner ankle/calf.
8. a custom butterfly on my collarbone.
9. marilyn monroes lips on my asscheek. dedicated to my grandmother. rip
10. a frozen over star with lyrics by mazzy star in script that say" still cold like the stars..." on my shoulderblade.
11. my zodiac sign (aries) behind my left ear.
12. two custom roses and vines on my upper right shoulder/arm.
13. customize sailor jerry skull with crossbones and a bow on its head on my right upper thigh.
14. sailor jerry 'stewed screwed and tattooed' anchor on my left leg, side of the calf.


1. 3/4th lobes
2. tragus
3. nostril

light scars and stretch marks.
Favorite Bands: explosions in the sky, orchid, pg 99, mazzy star, dipset, through the eyes of the dead, loma prieta, emmure, towers, the gentle waves, jewel, suicide silence, godspeed you black emperor, sarah mclaghlan, nirvana, kidney thieves, and tons more.
Favorite Movies: shawshank redemption, borat, reno 911, family guy, steel magnolias, anchorman, finding nemo, the little mermaid, blow, requiem for a dream, life as a house, american history x, the scary movie(s), the secretary, lots more.
Favorite TV Shows: reno 911, cops, family guy, south park, rockos modern life, spongebob, madtv, inside american jail, aqua teen hunger force.
Likes: my family and friends. the ocean. romance. intelligent people. italian food. shopping. tattoos. sleeping. cuddling. partying like a rockstar. esthetics. the human body and mind. art. photography. bones. giraffes. my doggy!
Dislikes: slow drivers. cheaters. liars. snoring. asparagus. humidity. morons. sex-fiends. when i'm out of weed and ciggs. being broke as a joke. lemonade.
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