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Country: United States
Member Since: December 23, 2005
Number of Posts: 973
Age/Gender: 37 / F
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Sexual Preference: Boys & Girls
About Me: I live at

Other names : Ap, Appy, Apneatic, Batnea...or Amanda
Body Alterations: Ghost Town In Old Ellicott City, MD!!! Or find Jon Glessner somewhere, he'll be moving around a lot.
Lately...: I live in semi-seclusion in the Ozark Mountains with Chase Lisbon.

I have a little Yorkie now named Baby Dracula that I like to dress up in sweaters.
We had to leave the chickens behind in Iowa with Katie.

I've been shooting more movies now and I co-own an erotic photo blog stream called Late Night Feelings, or FLNGS for short.

I still like guns, but I don't live on enough land to shoot them anymore so they stay loaded on the gunracks next to the wall lions.
Likes: Deviant Nation! chickens, cats, dolphins, birds, the magestic Okapi, Twitter, Jesus, fantasy, Witches, Warlocks, Wands, the nigwiz, urban nomads, night monsters, YTMND, 4Chan, Supercult, ships, outdoor stripper poles, Venture Bros, Amtrak, the horsehead nebula, The Red Robin that turned that scary haunted school into a scary haunted glass factory, scorpio rising, the haunted grail, Gil Elvgren, bat wars, Japanese group pranks, movies with talking animals like Homeward Bound, cameos, ice cream.

Possessed by :

Blowhole the plecostomus who wants to be a dolphin

Visited by :

Backfin the dolphin, it only has a backfin and no side fins and a history of smoking too much pipe tobacco

Serpentor, the friendly snake that's has trouble prounouncing his Ssssssssses
Wishlist: Just yourself something!
Profile last updated : December 18, 2009 .
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