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LOVE: Horror.
Posted: 09/01/09 at 07:21 PM  RSS
Still Alive
I'm not dead nor have I been kidnapped!
It's been almost a year since I posted so I felt like I owed it to you guys to post.
Sorry I've been so distant from the site!
I suppose I've just been living in my own little world.
I can't say I've been the happiest  of lately but I really do feel like I have it made at home.
Since my last post I've got lots of new goodies

Which I just set up with wireless with the new router I got for my birthday!

I've also got quite a few new tattoos to share too!

Click For Full Size
Unfortunately I can't say I'm too much happier. Because this is the arm that sits in the sun while I drive and I tan so easily the color is pretty fucked at this point. Oh well though!

Click For Full Size
Above my knee cap.

Click For Full Size
The love of my life!!
I'm getting her colored on Friday so I'm pretty juiced.
I can't tell you how happy I feel when I sit down to pee and see her little face looking up at me haha.

Click For Full Size
Unfortunately this is the best picture I've got on this computer of my key and locket.

There are a few more new touch ups and add ons  too but you'll probably have to wait till I throw up a new set to see them.

Which by the way I'm sorry I'm lagging on. I've been distant from shoots and have been feeling a little over weight. I also did a little birth control experiment that made me break out horribly.
Needless to say I haven't felt like the prettiest flower in the bunch lately so getting naked and posting photos on the internet haven't seemed too appealing,

These are from April so my hair is  longer then this and no where near as cute,
(I'm trying to grow it out to it's in the horrible in between stage and it's in need of a dye job,)
but I figured I should leave you guys with a photo or two.

Click For Full Size

Click For Full Size

Love you all!
I'll try and update more then once a year!! 

samguss  -  Staff Photographer
San Francisco, CA
34 / F - Attached
Posted: 09/01/09 at 07:28 PM 
i wanna shoot with you
Angie  -  Model
Monterey, CA
36 / F - Single
Posted: 09/01/09 at 11:43 PM 
i would LOVE that! i've always wanted to work with a girl and have never had the chance!

samguss  -  Staff Photographer
San Francisco, CA
34 / F - Attached
Posted: 09/01/09 at 11:48 PM 
lemme know when you're ready and i'll bring Gwin with me
Angie  -  Model
Monterey, CA
36 / F - Single
Posted: 09/02/09 at 12:02 AM 
we should set something up around the event this year
samguss  -  Staff Photographer
San Francisco, CA
34 / F - Attached
Posted: 09/02/09 at 12:03 AM 
That works too I'm living in the city right now so I'll be here haha
Gwindylyn  -  Model Liaison
Deviant Nation, CA
F - Open Marriage
Posted: 09/01/09 at 09:42 PM 
You should definitely shoot with samguss when you feel up to it.  She's awesome.  Plus then maybe I can come with and hang out!

It's very nice to hear from you though.  Miss you!

Angie  -  Model
Monterey, CA
36 / F - Single
Posted: 09/02/09 at 12:02 AM 
that would be awesome! i'd love that
Arin  -  Model
Eugene, OR
38 / F - Single
Posted: 09/01/09 at 11:42 PM 
Really glad you are back <3

Samguss rules!
Angie  -  Model
Monterey, CA
36 / F - Single
Posted: 09/02/09 at 12:03 AM 
glad to be back too <3
missed you pretty lady!!!
Arin  -  Model
Eugene, OR
38 / F - Single
Posted: 09/02/09 at 12:03 AM 
Misssssed you <3<3<3<3<3
Jersey  -  Moderator
Jersey, 0
42 / F - Other
Posted: 09/02/09 at 12:36 AM 
YAY!!!! I'm glad you're back. SOrry you haven't felt 100% but we love you lots hun!  We're always here when you need cheering up!
delilah  -  Model
Pittsburgh, PA
41 / F - Other
Posted: 09/02/09 at 06:03 AM 
Good to see you back! you look fabulous. hope you can shoot more sets- i'd love to see what all you and Sam Guss would come up with together.
ugh, i'm feeling you on growing out short hair. this is the first time in many many years that i've been able to make it past the awkward phase without chopping it all off again.
Miesha  -  Model
Paisley, W2
43 / F - Married
Posted: 09/02/09 at 12:33 PM 
you are jsut bloody adorable. I see you are going to san fran this year too... so I will finally get a chance to meet you... (hopefully shoot you too maybe?)
Niea  -  Model
Austin, TX
80 / F - Other
Posted: 09/02/09 at 01:26 PM 
Aren't you just the devil in disguise. Girl you're a fucking heartbreaker.


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