Name: Adora
Last Activity: 01/02/10 at 08:23 PM
Country: United States
Member Since: May 7, 2009
Number of Posts: 432
Age/Gender: 35 / F
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Sexual Preference: Boys
About Me: i'm a sculpture major - sort of hate it. i would much prefer to be naked on camera all the time...hmmm
Body Alterations: 8 tattoos spread evenly throughout my body - it makes it seem like i have no mod lol its weird.

monroe, lip, navel and ear piercings.

i to dye my hair too!
Favorite Movies: mars attacks, snatch, princess bride, fido
Likes: creepy dolls . cupcakes . middle eastern food . sunshine . vinyl clothing . corsets . ebay . cash
Pet Peeves: elastic bottomed sweat pants . trainwrecking djs . lipsitck on teeth
Pays The Bills: nanny + nude model = weird.
Posted: 12/09/09 at 10:46 AM  RSS
adora? are you alive?
ahhh i haven't been on DN in forever because of stupid school!! wahhhh - luckily it's over next week! today i have to finish my final project for soft sculpture and for time arts - I am using the same proj for both, but presenting them in a different way. as most of you know, my father died last april, so my project is about his death/my loss. i am making a life size rag doll out of his sheets and a pair of his favorite pants. for one class i am just displaying him on the floor as a sculpture and for the other i am going to do a performance piece. i am really sad that my dad isn't going to be at my wedding to walk me down the asile and to dance with me for the father daughter dance - so i am going to dance with my doll to his memorial song (in my life by the beatles) for my performance. i am kinda worried i am going to cry, but it might add to my act - what do you think?

i'm talking to milkrobotics about shooting a new set for DN - i am going to shoot with him today for an art series, and then we're going to figure something out for here - i want something new to share with you all

thats all for now



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