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Posted: 11/13/08 at 02:21 AM  RSS
Need some feedback
So I started on my comic book. I am posting some rough character sketches and the first page and would love some feed back. So this is my first time drawing comics. I have never really done this style of art, especially following a sequencial story line. I was hoping y'all could look at the first page and give me some feedback. Specifically things like what do you think is going on so far, what do you think the relationship is between the two characters, can you tell what all the drawings are (especially the food plate in the third frame), if the perspective looks ok and at least semi-realistic etc. I would greatly appreciate any pointers. My scanner sucks and made it kind of blurry and cut the edges off a bit, but I think its still pretty readable. Let me know whatcha think

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Arin  -  Model
Eugene, OR
38 / F - Single
Posted: 11/13/08 at 02:23 AM 
They look fun, but I can't read them...font is too small and when I try to zoom my computer won't let me hahaha
Adahlia  -  Model
Olympia, WA
F - Attached
Posted: 11/13/08 at 02:26 AM 
I miss you so much. And Gwin too. I am so sorry I didn't show up that night I said I was coming over. My mom and I got into this crazy insane fight and I left the house and forgot my phone so I couldn't call. I'm an asshole. I can't wait to see you again.
Arin  -  Model
Eugene, OR
38 / F - Single
Posted: 11/13/08 at 12:01 PM 
Miss you too!  I was pretty bummed out we couldn't hang out, but its okay.  Shit happens.
Cleveland, OH
48 / M - Single
Posted: 11/13/08 at 04:34 AM 
The drawing looks kick-ass—a little rough, but very gritty alternative comic art.  Aside from the off grammatical error "I'm" should be used instead of "Im"—remember the apostrophe), I really have nothing to complain about.  Good job!
Baunfire  -  Model
Orange Park, FL
F - Single
Posted: 11/13/08 at 06:16 AM 
heres your feedback:
It looks good for a start... very good
Your hot
and awesome
and you make me wet :P

EnidBlank  -  Model
Ironton, OH
39 / F - Married
Posted: 11/13/08 at 06:28 AM 
i like the bottom right frame of the first page, with the puking. it looks very nice, especially the face laying down.

it was great meeting you in SF!
Cooter  -  Staff Photographer
Proctorville, OH
42 / M - Single
Posted: 11/13/08 at 07:20 AM 
i dig it. . . . 

i would read it and wouldn''t be turned off by anything about it. . . .  the style all fits well, i think. . . . 
Sadie  -  Model
Tucson, AZ
F - Single
Posted: 11/13/08 at 08:10 AM 
Def dig the drawings. The font at times was a bit hard to read. But I likey! and i especially love the second to last frame.
samguss  -  Staff Photographer
San Francisco, CA
34 / F - Attached
Posted: 11/13/08 at 08:24 AM 
 Lookin' cool. I like the linework a lot.
SweetCurtis  -  Staff Photographer
Las Vegas, NV
45 / M - Single
Posted: 11/13/08 at 11:06 AM 
Looks rad!
Seattle, WA
36 / F - Single
Posted: 11/13/08 at 01:03 PM 
I actually really adore the way you did the bottom two panels on that first scan. I think its stylized and creatively interesting to look at. You can absolutely tell that the food is tacos, even if you DIDNT read the text. Its clever, i like it.
But it really made me want to walk down the street and get taco truck.
Novato, CA
56 / M - Single
Posted: 11/13/08 at 02:22 PM 
Looks good to me. I really liked the final conversation in the bathroom. I would definitely buy the comic when it comes out. I'll be talking with Sam (owner of Bluemoon Comics) tomorrow and get his take on your work.
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