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Hey everybody! You should come check out this free event put on by the Temple of Poi in San Francisco during National Dance week! It'll be full of awesome performances, and of course yours truly will be there with the group Fire Euphoria. Here's the link to the FB event page also

What: Temple of Poi 2010 Fire Dancing Expo
Where: Union Square (Geary and Post)
When: April 24, 2010 at 7:50-10:10 pm
Cost: Free!!

Bring a chair and a blanket and join us April 24, 2010 at 7:50 pm for our fifth annual free fire dancing show in San Francisco's legendary Union Square (Geary and Post) for the fourth annual Temple of Poi Fire Dancing Expo.

This year's show is a veritable who's who of internationally renowned fire dancing performers hailing from 3 continents including:

* MCP (Edinburgh, Scotland) - dragon staff solo
* Redox (Temple of Poi) - poi solo
* Aileen Lawlor (Oakland, CA) - wand and contact staff
* Memory Elena & Corey White (Bay Area) - fans
* Alien Jon (Currently residing somewhere on planet Earth) - poi solo
* Dyami & Wryly (Santa Cruz, Ca) - single poi duet
* Bradley Allbee (West Los Angeles, CA) - poi solo
* Sarah Starlight (Temple of Poi) - hoop solo
* Ian Boyd, Anthony 'Broadway' Rutland, Ayala Kalisher, Russ Megowan, Dyami Kaplan
& Sara Huntley are Kinetica! (Santa Cruz, CA) - fans, staff, double staff
* Corey Just (Oakland, CA) - fan solo
* Erin Shredder of Shredder Hoops (San Francisco, CA) - hoop solo
* Celsius Maximus (Monterey, CA) - fans, swords
* Vin DeLuca & Solenne Alexa (San Francisco, CA) - staff poi duet
* Vatra (San Francisco) - poi solo
* Russ Megowan & Jake Yoshioka are Hybridz R Us (Santa Cruz, CA) - poi duet
* Zan & Aurora Moore of Instruments of the Now (Portland, OR) - poi duet
* GlitterGirl & Kahunahula (San Francisco, CA) - poi hoop duet
* Colleen Sullivan, Krista Borst, Emily Port, Don Keenan & Michael Henninger of Firish (Bay Area, CA) - hoop, fan, staff, poi
* Erik Aylen, Shaina Dyani Johnson, Bridget Harrison, Alysia Hook and Oliver Pavick are Copper Lantern Fire Theater (Oakland, CA) - wand, fan, poi, hoop and staff
* Matt McCorkle & Brian Thompson are Circus Conspiracy (Oakland, CA) - clubs
* Miss Rosie (San Francisco, CA) - hoop solo
* Rob Horner of PYRODYNAMICS Fire Dance Productions (Cairns, Australia) - 7 staves solo
* Adam Herscheid of Flames Of the Phoenix (Cairns, Australia) - double staff solo
* Adam Herscheid & Rob Horner are Flames of the Phoenix & Pyrodynamics (Cairns, Australia) - double staff duet
* Luis Chavez, Gatamala, Juicy Jess and Luna Del Fuego of Fire Euphoria (Santa Cruz, CA)
* The Amazing Baz & Drex are Ouroboros (Boston & Washington DC) - poi duet
* Mike Icon & Jenni van Tassel of Cirque d'Optique (Philadelphia, PA) - poi hoop fan duet
* Ansel Cummings & Kyle Ford of Pyrotechniq (Iowa City, IA) - umbrella, torches, poi
* Yuta (Tokyo, Japan) - poi solo
* Chryseph of Obsidian Moon (Seattle, WA) - rope dart, staff solo
* Madelaine "Wolf" Bukiet & Lauren "Madamn Burnz" Picheney of Las Piratas Del Fuego (Brooklyn, New York) - contact
* D. "Mac" Kaul, Dave "O.D." Kaul, Dave King (founder of Controlled Burn), Carlyn "Wrangler" Perona, Angel "Fire Angel" Schultz, Barbara "Dr. Soos" Slaughter, Brenda Ashworth, Evonne "Shelly" George, Katrina "Glitter Bee" Whitten, Kelin Whitten, Kurt "Titwi" George, Mark "Lucky" Ashworth, Roger "Rogeman" Stimson, Sage "Safire" Ashworth, Shane "Saul Goode" Peterson, Tom "Moon Penguin" Fougner & Bill "Dammit Bill" Schultz from Controlled Burn (Reno, NV) - poi, fan, staff
* Banyan (Chicago, IL) - s staves
*Jaden Rose of Solar Flare (San Francisco, CA) - double hoop

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