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i paint used skateboard decks. that's pretty green, right?

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About Me: i am a skateboarder.
i finish concrete.
i paint shit.
ink: "angels with dirty faces" & pinup girls on the arms. stars and stripes.
portrait of moms on the leg
ship & mermaids by sailor jerry on the back
cocksparrer wings on the shoulders
pirate skull on the hip
me and graveyard sally have some matching neck kanji. i just got a pink indy cross behind mine.
rockin out to: *hank III, carter falco, johnny cash, david allan coe, hank williams, merle haggard, lynyrd skynyrd, waylon jennings, nashville pussy, molly hatchet, supersuckers, railbenders, whole hog
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flix: walk the line, full metal jacket, a clockwork orange, kill bill, 80's brat pack movies, lord of the rings, the princess bride, house of 1000 corpses, the devil's rejects, cash money vagrant, sin city, tank girl, anchorman, every bad horror movie ever made, reservoir dogs, planet terror, deathproof
cartoons: korgoth, family guy, invader zim, the boondocks, harvey birdman: attorney at law, aqua teen hunger force, deth klok metalocalypse, robot chicken, lucy daughter of the devil, drinky crow, afro ninja
i hate: emo, emo kids, kooks, watermelon, seinfeld, midgets, carnies, wiggers, corporate rock, rollerbladers, clowns, bro rap, fake "metal", goat, i will murder the freecreditreport.com band
i drink: pbr, beast, stroh's, old milwaukee
beam, sailor jerry, cheap wine
i will devour: bacon, rice, bacon and rice, sushi, imo's pizza, lobster, tuna melts, potstickers, ginger pork, taters of all sorts, ramen, carnitas burritos, lechon, in-n-out, hot & sour soup, t-ravs, fatburger, frosted mini-wheats, various combinations of meat and cheese, steak n shake
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Posted: 03/11/10 at 10:14 AM  RSS
flogging molly
so yesterday my dude and i were just getting ready to build a cinder block tank. just mixed the mortar, ready to go. we get a call from his buddy who works at the pageant, "hey, did you still want to go to flogging molly tonight? i can get you a couple tickets."  DAMN FUCKIN YEAH!  show was sold out like a month ago, super packed. needless to say, it was fucking epic.
then my man threw some stickers out to matt hensley from the balcony and we got kicked out during the encore. it was ok. only missed half a song.
then my buddy found out where the band was going to be drinking afterwards. he could only get wristbands for him and is chick. so next best thing, he got matt to come hang out with us downstairs.
we spent about half an hour takling about skateboarding with him and he swindled the door guys to get us upstairs. dude's way cool. so much fun last night!

me and hensley
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Mood: woo!

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